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Serving the Children of the World
Club News
Here is all the news for the club.

Great Event - 11/12/2017
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A sincere thank uou goes out to everyone who assisted with our 5th Annual Spelling Bee but especially to Brigitte O'Brien, Dave Gorman, and Ken Wojcik for all the extra effort.  The students had a fantastic experience because of all your planning and attention to details.

Thank you all so much for all you've contributed to making our 5th annual spelling bee a success.  You are much appreciated!

Thank you all so much for all you've contributed to making our 5th annual spelling bee a success.  You are much appreciated!


Village Manager Give Update on Lombard - 08/24/2017
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Lombard Village Manager Scott Niehaus visited the club on August 10 and gave a wonderful presentation on the state of economic development in our town.  Scott talked about the new businesses coming to town and also about some of the new housing options that will be built in the coming year.  It was a great overview and made us proud to be part of such a dynamic village.

Key Club LTG Visits Club - 08/16/2017
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Key Club Lt Governor of Division 9, Grace Tulley, gave a presentation on Key Club's organization and activities to our club in August.  We were so impressed with her poise and enthusiasm for Kiwanis.  We know she will have a fantastic Kiwanis year!

Two Fantastic Speakers this week - 07/13/2017
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We were fortunate to have two Guest Speakers today.

The first was Beth Rakowski who represented Carenet. This ministry was started by pastors providing help to those with unplanned pregnancies.  Currently they serve 1000 women in DuPage county.  Clients find them by word of mouth, the internet and through local churches.  A new office will be opening in West Chicago.  This organization is 100% funded through donations so our filling those baby bottles that Barb has go a long way to helping out!

Our second Guest Speaker was Cyndy Velasquez who talked about the Police Torch Run and how Lombard Police support the Special Olympics.  The Torch Run raises funds for...

Presentation on Distractive Driving - 07/07/2017
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    • Ben Pohl's  presentation to our club was a great reminder for all of us. We know texting and driving is dangerous but there are other distractions as well. Ben’s personal story had a big impact on our members and I’m sure it resulted in some altered driving behaviors. He’s an engaging speaker with a powerful story that is a good one for everyone, young and older, to hear.

Great Meeting This Morning - 04/06/2017
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We had 2 wonderful presentations this morning. First we heard from Teen Parent Connection Representative Ariana Carlson. It id so wonderful how they are empowering young parents. Then we heard about what is happening at the Outreach House, Walk In Ministry, and First Things First. Both organization are doing a great job serving those in need in our community.

Our Village is doig well! - 03/21/2017
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Recently, William Heniff, the Director of the Village of Lombard's Community Development Department was our guest speaker.  Wow. great things are happening in our town.  There are new business opening and new housing complexes scheduled in the next year.  We also have added bike lanes and green space.  Way to go Lombard! 

White Elephant Surprise - 03/19/2017
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Every club has its own culture.  One of our "unique" traits is our White Elephant Raffle.  We do it at the end of each meeting as a way of having folks "donate" to our administrative budget.  Participants receive a raffle ticket and the winner claims the current gift and then is required to bring one for the next meeting. These funds help support meals for guest speakers, sunshine gifts and cards, and a variety of other non-service related items.  

A few weeks ago our acting president Carole Webber  was the person designated to bring the next item.  She asks us about why it was called a while elephant.  We explained that the term...

Kiwanis Supports Healthy Kids - 02/28/2017
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Members of the Kiwanis Club of Lombard took turns "manning" a table at the 2017 Healthy Lombard Foundations February Fitness Fair.  At the table, visitors could try their luck finding The Key To Good Health - ( they had to find the correct key to open a chest filled with small bottles of water) as well as learn a little about the clubs new Mission and Vision statements.  This was an appropriate event for members since Healthy Lombard originated with members from the Lombard Club.

Club Visits Salvation Army - 02/22/2017
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On February 16th, the Salvation Army facilities in Oakbrook Terrace invited members of our club  to Breakfast as a thank you for our support financially and physically (Bell Ringing).  Those in attendace were delighted that the meal was not a pre-packaged menu but instead, hand-cooked by the Lindens.  So delicious!  Afterwards, our members were given a tour and were very impressed with all the services Salvation Army provides for those in need.